Robert of THECOOLTV Caught up with Stone Senate

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ImageLast week while covering the Bullet Boys concert in Connecticut for THECOOLTV, I had my eyes opened to some rocking music.  STONE a five piece..” kick ass”.. band from Nashville TN. featuring the following members:

Clint Woolsey..Marcus Brown..Mike Thompson..Paul Zettler..and Lucas Caswell…

Stone Senate opened up for the Bullet Boys, and I must say that in no time they will be headliners!  I tried to put their sound together in my tired head, and I came up with the following..  A combination of the 80’s era with a dash of some 90’s nectar.  I was amazed how great they sounded..and how clean the riffs were!  The band played their tails off for about a half hour, and after the show I had the pleasure to connect with a few of the members.  I knew right away that fame has not ripped through their heads, they were down to earth, and pleasant  to chat with.  I was given an advanced copy of their new cd, and I must say that each song has its own feeling and meaning.  The one song that stood out the most was called “Dreams”..And these guys are living their dreams rocking across America!  And America will soon know who Stone Senate is..Rock is alive again..and Stone Senate are on the front lines!Image

We caught up with the super glam 80’s rockers THE BULLET BOYS!

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Robert Niebrzydowski caught up with the original front man of the Bullet Boys Marq Torien!  Very cool sit down at 2a.m after the show….Marq did an amazing tribute to the Angels Of the Newtown CT tragedy about 3min and 50sec in.   Was a great show!  And a cool network shout out at the end.

THECOOLTV caught up with super 80’s rockers the Bullet Boys!

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We here at THECOOLTV are all over the place..Where is Robert of THECOOLTV now?  If you remember the songs..”FOR THE LOVE OF MONEY”..and “SMOOTH UP IN YA”.  Well you remember THE BULLET BOYS!  Marq Torien is the only original member left.. ImageImageImage


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Robert Niebrzydowski of THECOOLTV caught up with the boys of LIT…Enjoy

Just so all you fans watch the interview..You will be directed to go to YOUTUBE when you click on the vid.. Just do so. Thanks

The Many Ways to “Watch TV”

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Most people think there are only a few options for “watching TV”.

I want to briefly explain some of the uncommon ways to watch TV – free and legal. This is a broad overview, more info can be found in the web.

1. Cable TV

Cable TV is probably the most popular, or well known way of watching TV. Along came Ted Turner and soon, almost every home would have a coax cable going into it. Through this cable, consumers can get TV, Internet and phone service. In some very lucky areas like Kansas, fiber optic ‘cable’ is replacing the copper coax and offers much faster data speeds!

2. Free, Over-The-Air Broadcast

Remember back in June 2009 when there was the whole transition to “Digital TV”? Well, that happened, and for the vast majority, this did not effect most TV viewers. The people who needed that converter box the government was subsidizing, were those who had television sets made prior to 2007 and watch TV via free-over-the-air broadcast. All TVs made after March 2007 likely have a built-in digital tuner as well as an analog tuner for some cable systems and low power analog TV broadcasts. If THECOOLTV is broadcasting in your city, you should be able to receive the signal using an antenna and the digital tuner in your TV – or an antenna and a digital TV converter box. If you happen to live in a location that is down in a valley, receiving the over the air signal may be more difficult.

The first two are the most commonly used and known about. But what are the other options, what do you get and at what cost?

3. Satellite Subscribers

The two big dogs are DIRECTV© and Dish Network©. You pay for the packages just like you do with cable. The broadcast is received via a satellite dish mounted outside your home on the southern sky. The biggest complaint is that the weather can affect the signal. Poor or no reception when it is snowing or raining. But for the most part, watching TV via satellite vs. watching TV using a cable system can be much the same.

4. Free-To-Air Satellite Broadcast

Free-To-Air broadcast viewers also use a satellite dish installed outside of the home. The difference is there is no subscription fee paid to the service like with DIRECTV© and Dish©. These satellite dishes will not pick-up the channels offered by the subscription services, but they do pick-up all primary network broadcasts from ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and THECOOLTV. Many other networks are also available, in standard definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) via free-to-air satellite. Check out the $125 satellite dishes and tuners/DVRs and other accessories.

5. OTT (Over The Top)

OTT boxes like Roku, AppleTV etc. are web connected devices that receive the “broadcast” or content over the Internet. All OTT boxes have subscription based services like Netflix and Hulu along with other options, both free and subscription, for both audio and video content.

6. IPTV (Internet Protocol Television)

IPTV is perhaps the smallest and newest emerging option for consumption of content. “Smart TVs” from manufacturers like Samsung and Sony are connected to the Internet via a fast broadband Internet connection and have applications like Netflix, Hulu and hundreds of other “Channels”.

There are lots of ways to consume you favorite shows, surf TV and watch movies. All this talk about “cord-cutting” is more like “cord-moving”. People are still watching TV, just doing it many different ways, using different technologies and filtering what, when and where and how they consume content. The definition of “watching TV” needs to be redefined because people are watching and producing more content than ever before; and there are also a lot more options for broadcast and consumption than ever before.

I actually use all these methods depending what I want to watch, when and where I want to watch and also on what device I want to watch on. Luckily, I can watch THECOOLTV on most of these and the others will be available very soon from THECOOLTV.


* Watch THECOOLTV on smart phones and tablets simply by navigating to on the device and click “YES” or “OK” to watch the stream. No app needs to be installed. In addition, watch from desktops and laptops here:


How do you “watch TV” and THECOOLTV?

Station ID from a legend in ROCK!

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A couple of “COOL” dudes from Boston showing their network love

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