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  1. Christine Says:

    HI! I loved this channel (31-3 in DFW), but there has been no sound for at least a month. Anyone know what’s up?

  2. i was getting the sound thru a receiver but now the whole things seems to be gone .i hope they come back the real music tv

  3. Alisa Ivory Says:

    I was Wondering where your offices are located… I love music and would like to talk to someone about trying to work for your company in some way… not sure how to approach about doing something like that. Any help would be nice, Or advice.


    • John \\Digger\\ Peláez Says:


      Please send a Cover Letter and Resume to Take some time to look at our web sites listed below and tell us where you are and what you would like to do with us. Cheers,


  4. There was a music video that you played involving an android woman on a spaceship. She removed her leg to pay for fuel. Could someone tell me what the name of that song was for that video?

  5. I am in Alabama for a couple of days and while flipping channels I saw something you don’t see everyday on tv……Music Videos! I am enamored with this channel! I am not a fan of all the videos played but I am for the furtherance of music in one of its purest forms – the video. I have watched videos for 2-4 hours straight this evening (something I have not been able to do for more than 15 years). Please don’t sellout to corporate direction and put stupid reality shows on your completely refreshing network (stick to your random format… rocks). I would love to have this channel in the Dallas area (the closest I saw on the list was San Antonio), however if I missed its channel listing for my area please let me know what channel it is on – I subscribe to Time Warner Cable. Phenomenal work!


    • Houston and DFW were among the first test markets for THECOOLTV. We will be back soon on TWC, Over the Air Free DTV and all others!

    • I agree with Steven! I miss watching videos, especially the ones that used to be “closet classics”. My sister gets this in Bloomington, IL on TV and I want to know how I can watch this in Chicago??? This station is awesome.

  6. StuckInVain Says:

    Hi! I’m from the Pittsburgh area. Yesterday in the afternoon there was a music video that featured a female solo artist. She was surrounded by men in flesh-colored tights and was singing something like “I don’t love you anymore”. It looked like it was a recent video. Can you help me? Thanks!

  7. Anything from Katy Perry please

  8. Saw a video tonight, was a dance techno song with a young african american singer. The background was white and the singer’s top was white, the camera stayed in a close up the entire song. The artist’s name started with a K but just can’t remember it now, HELP!!!!

  9. My only comment or question …..Why are there no dates (year) on the videos?
    You must know that’s something that drives music buffs crazy!!
    I am a competitive person and cannot always remember what year a song was, let’s say….born.
    My point is, really, maybe we need a little more info of the videos we are viewing.
    I love the Channel

  10. You guys played a video by a kinda hipster trio that was set in a bar with the band standing around until people from the audience got up and moved them. They got loaded in a car, walked around and ended up standing in the window of a clothing store like mannequins. The singer had crazy hair like Lyle Lovette, heh.

    Great song but I can’t for the life of me remember who it was. Any clue? I’d love to support them with a purchase…


  11. Greatest thing on T.V. never go to DJ. Hope you never end up like MTV. Mayb one day you can go to 1080. Love it. Thanks so much at least there’s something finally to watch have no cable just antena.

  12. Reba Gilbert Says:


    I saw a band on “From the Road” about 2 or 3 weeks ago. The lead singer was wearing a funky headdress. The band members had an African sound. I definitely want to buy their music.

    I would love to see past “From the Road” episodes.

    Love CoolTV! Thanks for your great programming. Keep up the good work.

    Reba Gilbert
    Music Publisher

  13. hello, I’m Eric with all do respect I feel that COOL 4-3 had offered a palletful of music videos. In todays economic hardships. What are your regrets not knowing the status of how badly a poor choice it was to decide to eliminate what you’ve created ? Well i guess thats the current of the wind chime saying “it will be back in “TIME”.or will it? can I please recieve a reply. I’m 35 and I create drawings ,music, and make _insignificant- blogs_ the last part of that _comment was not true_…….

    • Eric,

      THECOOLTV in Milwaukee, Green Bay, Lansing, Boise, Las Vegas, Palms Springs, Omaha and Tucson, as you know, is currently off the air in your great cities due to our Affiliate Agreement expiration with the local broadcast group. We are looking into other opportunities to return to the airwaves in your cities as soon as possible.

      Contact your local TV providers and tell them you want THECOOLTV! Thanks for your concerns and support.

      Please continue to visit for Channel / Market Guide updates, streaming and soon to be on mobile devices.

      Go to on your smart phone or tablet to get an advanced look at our streaming web app.

  14. Please can anyone there answer my question. On Tues 12/13/11
    late morning early afternoon. What is the video that has salsa dancing older couples, and it looks like they are outside,


  15. I have not seen the video again, since 12/13/11

  16. on air the promo for A to Z says the complete schedule is at your website – where is it? I clicked on the A to Z graphic and the schedule did not appear. Is it someplace else?

  17. Thanks to Reba for the answer to ” Name that video ” .
    Maybe you could have a section specific to the topic.

    And the station is doing a good job, many great older videos.
    The program from the road is very good also.

    I think it may help if posts were shown in order from today at the top in stead of today at the bottom of the page,

    Thank you

    • Reba Gilbert Says:

      “Name that video” section would be fun. Great idea Cindy. I would also like to see the newest posts at the top of the page, as well.

      Reba Gilbert
      Dayoh Music

  18. It would be nice if you put one of usher’
    s songs I don’t mind which one,

  19. Could you please play usher? any song?

  20. Put on usher. I don’t mind which song.

  21. Put on usher, Any song of his.

  22. robert mccormick Says:

    I WANT MY COOL TV back, what channel is on in nebraska?

  23. al britschgi Says:

    hey , i live in the san francisco bay area and cool tv was on kaxt channel 1.12 yesterday for the first time in a very long time. it kicked ass! today it WAS’NT on at all . please tell me its going to be back on for good this time !

  24. Hi, I’m trying to find the name of a song I’ve seen on your station. I can’t really describe the video because I haven’t seen it in so long but I remember it just being the girl singing, and throughout the video, she was slowly aging, and i’m not sure but at the end of the video, I think she went back to normal? Please help me find this song, Thanks bunches!!!

  25. jose vazquez Says:

    hey. i like this channel this is what i used to love bout mtv. its good to see theres still channels like this. you guys keep doin what your doing, btw if you guys are looking for someone to do a countdown show for music vids like they used to have on mtv n vh1 i dont kbow why but i always like watchin shows like that bout new music vids and all that. u guys should also have times of the day where you play specific kinda music. so i know when to tune in that would be awesome. hope to hear back maybe.

  26. sean cheney Says:

    Ok, no thecooltv in Little Rock, AR anymore? I am seeing ThisTV now, wtf? I want my music back!

  27. I can’t find this channel anymore ): does anyone know that’s up with that.? Or did it move channels.?

  28. What happened to CoolTV in the Twin Cities? Boooo! Bring it back!

  29. albert britschgi Says:

    it used to be on here too in hayward , california . it was better than the orginal mtv ever was . saw edgar and johnny winter, rick derringer and alot of other old rockers doin it ! bought alot of music dvd’s after watching them on the cool tv . they suck big time now !!!

  30. Toledo, oh.
    I do not have cable. Tuned in this week 2 find cooltv was not there any more. it has been replaced with what i can only desribe as a black movie channel. dont get me wrong i like movies as much as any one, but i would rather have the music. just want to know what happened to the music?

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  34. cody funnell Says:

    Hello im cody funnell
    I’m thinking about progressing my music to videos. I’ve been writing, performing, and recording, For The last couple of years I have a couple projects. But I’m not signed, nor do I have an agent, and I was wondering, What exactly would I have to do to get on your network? Would I have to get it filmed and submited (my music that is) my self. Or can your company nessesatate the people and equipment to achieve a music video? Do you know if contacts exist that could help me? Would you be interested in hearing some of my music?
    My information is : cody funnell,5095891537 p.o. box 1127__newport wa 99156.
    If at all possible please get back to me.thankyou,

    Cody Funnell

  35. Does this channel still air on tv and if it doesn’t why this channel was the real mtv that actually played nothing but music.

  36. al britschgi Says:

    I get it in the san Francisco bay area !! only from a roof antenna ! the indoor antennas cant pick it up !! its channel 68.4 here !

  37. Danielle Says:

    Cant seem to find thecooltv channel in my area, disappeared a few months ago. I live in the Seattle area. It was on channel 93, now ita gone. I called Comcast but they cant give me answers. I would just like to know where it went and if I can’t get it back, how can I request? Comcast wouldn’t even let me request it.

  38. Mike brackett Says:

    I am in west palm beach Florida every time you play this one song you stop it way before it is over I have never seen the whole video. It is a rock song. In one point it said in the song (like the devil’s in your hand). I want to know the artist and song title but you never play the video to the end to find out artist and name. You play very little of the song if you know the song I am talking about please email info thanks

  39. Hi,I live in the Sacramento area.there is a high pitched sqeak through out every music video.pls fix it

  40. Please bring this channel back!! This was my favorite channel!! I got to see the old music videos and also helped me gain some culture and knowledge!! Please I’m begging bring it back!!

  41. Hello im Deacon doc radio personality from Chicago ATL and PA. Host and produce the Step On IT urban ballroom tv show..signed to Skee Lo Musik/ SonyRed. Aires on Roku/Appke tv. On Who?Mag indie tv network..i’d like to have this music show airing on cool tv..

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