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Listen Up..Bands/Singers..Let THECOOLTV make you famous

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To all BANDS/SINGERS..Let me put you on TV!  Im Robert Niebrzydowski, we here at THECOOLTV are doing something amazing for up and coming artists!! You will get your own day..90 sec spots 3 times on a particular day. Qualifications: Decent website video a plus… and must have been out on gigs already. So yes up and coming artists..but already somewhat established. So here is an example..Katie Perkins..Talented/and a very good music video.. (see link below)So this is what Im looking for.. Rock/Pop/Country/R&B..


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Robert Niebrzydowski of THECOOLTV caught up with the boys of LIT…Enjoy

Just so all you fans watch the interview..You will be directed to go to YOUTUBE when you click on the vid.. Just do so. Thanks