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Listen Up..Bands/Singers..Let THECOOLTV make you famous

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To all BANDS/SINGERS..Let me put you on TV!  Im Robert Niebrzydowski, we here at THECOOLTV are doing something amazing for up and coming artists!! You will get your own day..90 sec spots 3 times on a particular day. Qualifications: Decent website video a plus… and must have been out on gigs already. So yes up and coming artists..but already somewhat established. So here is an example..Katie Perkins..Talented/and a very good music video.. (see link below)So this is what Im looking for.. Rock/Pop/Country/R&B..

Robert of THECOOLTV Caught up with Stone Senate

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ImageLast week while covering the Bullet Boys concert in Connecticut for THECOOLTV, I had my eyes opened to some rocking music.  STONE a five piece..” kick ass”.. band from Nashville TN. featuring the following members:

Clint Woolsey..Marcus Brown..Mike Thompson..Paul Zettler..and Lucas Caswell…

Stone Senate opened up for the Bullet Boys, and I must say that in no time they will be headliners!  I tried to put their sound together in my tired head, and I came up with the following..  A combination of the 80’s era with a dash of some 90’s nectar.  I was amazed how great they sounded..and how clean the riffs were!  The band played their tails off for about a half hour, and after the show I had the pleasure to connect with a few of the members.  I knew right away that fame has not ripped through their heads, they were down to earth, and pleasant  to chat with.  I was given an advanced copy of their new cd, and I must say that each song has its own feeling and meaning.  The one song that stood out the most was called “Dreams”..And these guys are living their dreams rocking across America!  And America will soon know who Stone Senate is..Rock is alive again..and Stone Senate are on the front lines!Image


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THECOOLTV records festivals and music events all over the country. Tell us about your local music scene and the festivals we should come out and record for broadcast on THECOOLTV. Let us know what bands are hot in your area, which venues have the best music. What makes your city a hot music city? We want to know, tell us…

How many ways does THECOOLTV love you?

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THECOOLTV just entered 35 million homes on public broadcast television. We’re hearing gobs of downright sweet feedback from our fans, so it’s time we say thank you. Music is about sharing experiences, like the memories sparked by a certain cord progression, or a time in life that wouldn’t have been the same if that song wasn’t playing all summer. We love the music and we’re sharing it, just music, non-stop and for free. Here are some ways you can feel the love…

Summerfest THECOOLTV Rock Stage

We’re bringing back FREEDOWNLOAD FRIDAYS!  That’s right! Just JOIN OUR MAILING LIST and each Friday get your FREE DOWNLOAD LINK. Tell your friends… I bet they like music.

We’re also fixing to launch THECOOLTV TEAM. We’re casting a call to our most influencal fans to head out in our markets and spread the gospel. Do you keep up with us on FACEBOOK, do you attend shows in your city, ever hang posters or talk about new music you’re listening to? How about writing blogs or reviews? Then you’re getting on the list! Stay tuned for our casting call- JOIN OUR MAILING LIST

THECOOLTV is offering local musicians a chance to get on THECOOLTV. Upload your video here!

Did you know we record at live shows? Imagine on your way out of a show you can grab a DVD, CD or Wrist Band with a mastered audio and/or visual archive. Check out the shows we have for sale HERE.

If it’s not in your home town yet, WATCH ONLINE HERE.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much bad ass ways to participate but since we go big, did you know THECOOLTV takes requests! Send them to REQUEST via email or call the COOL REQUEST LINE at 888-342-8761 x711  PROGRAMMING


Check Galactic’s Live “Should’ve Known Better”

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Hit up THECOOLTV’s Myspace page to Listen to Galactic’s “Should’ve Known Better” for FREE CLICK HERE

Galactic made magic at The Telluride Blues & Brews Festival on the main stage. They bring funk and jazz from New Orleans, if you haven’t been at a show you need to get some of their good stuff. What you can count on is being shook and shaken with no choice but to dance! Get the entire show on a wrist band, with a usb thumb drive that you can reuse, or on CD/DVD/ and Downloaded CLICK HERE.  If you want the right tunes for your next house party, or while cruising down the highway this is it!

THECOOLTV is Live Streaming From The Telluride Blues & Brews Festival

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THECOOLTV is primed and ready to rock our fans with live streaming of The Telluride Blues & Brews Festival. Watch live video of the bands, behind the scenes, crowd shots, and exclusive interviews. Experience the festival even if you can’t attend. And jump onto our Twitter Feed to discuss the event with our live tweeters from Telluride. WE’LL ALSO BE POSTING NIGHTLY VIDEOS ON THE VAULT.

Click here to STREAM.

GET YOUR LIVE RECORDINGS FROM ’09 Telluride Blues & Brews.

Click here for the THECOOLTV VIDEO VAULT. To see our nightly posts with additional back stage interviews.