THECOOLTV broadcasts free music videos and live concert footage 24/7. No reality shows, no VJs and no Live at Sprint Break. JUST MUSIC. Find us in your area, CLICK HERE FOR CHANNEL LISTINGS.

LIVE: THECOOLTV (aka CD/DVD/USB ON DEMAND!) delivers state-of-the-art CD, DVD and USB wristband recordings from live concerts, festivals and events immediately after the band walks off the stage! Take the show home with you or download/order it online. VISIT THE STORE

You’re on our blog, so you get the “Online” part. Our website is www.thecooltv.com, we love music, artists, fans, and long walks on the beach…

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Adam Hogsett Says:

    Why is this station running HSUS commercials? They don’t run any Humane centers or give any money to them. They are a rabid animal rights/anti-hunting org. that makes money by deliberately misleading its members about what it’s doing. I find this very disappointing that you wouldn’t check the things you run.

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