Artists who will tour in the New Year! And new albums also…

Its going to be an amazing New Year to see a concert, and picking up some new cd’s–or is that done anymore????  Its all online stuff now!  I still like going out to my local music shop and buying a cd.  Hell I remember buying records…please dont ask what a record is!!!!

Some of my fav’s to be going out on tour this coming year and pushing new songs include…

U2–what a great show they put on–amazing!!!

The ohhhh. sooo sexy Taylor Swift will be a must see!!

Yes the BOSS is back!  Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  Its the first time Bruce is with the band without the late and great Clerence Clemons..should be interesting.

The material girl will also be back.  So many years and still knows how to flaunt it!  Madonna is the queen and king of music!

Oh yes.. Ozzy and the boys of Black Sabbath will rock the New Year!!  Now this is a must–cant miss–concert!  Ozzy cant talk much, but he sure as hell can crank it out on stage…would be cool to see some bats flying around 🙂

And lastly one of my all time favorite rock bands, that should have never parted ways.  VAN HALEN!  And yes Diamond Dave will be up front dancing and jumping around as the main man again!!  I could be wrong but their last album together goes back to 1983! And here you go with that famous song, and a new trailer for the New Year…

Post by Robert Niebrzydowski THECOOLTV


2 Responses to “Artists who will tour in the New Year! And new albums also…”

  1. I love mb it would be nice to hear their whole album today

  2. It would be nice if the cool tv put mindless behavior on to make me happier today i want to listen to the whole album but i dont have it and its my bday so the whole album should be on the cool tv

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