Super Prime is Prime to hit it big!

There have been a few bands that have come out of the Boston area, ok maby more than just a few.  Two bands that come to mind are “Aerosmith”, and one of my favorites who share the name with the city itself “Boston”.   Ive been to their concerts more than I can remember, even got beat up by one of the “Aerosmith’s” body guards for getting to close to the stage–oh what a great memory!  But anyways, there is a New / fresh / kick ass /  ROCKING band thats out of Boston simply named “Super Prime”.  The band consists of Adam who plays guitar and is on vocals–Austin who also is on vocals and plays Bass and lastly Marcus who bangs it out on drums!

“Super Prime” is one band to look out for in this new year!  Just like “Aerosmith”  that dreamed on, and “Boston” who had more than a feeling, “Super Prime” combines their dreams and feelings in their music to maby — just maby be # 3 on my list of great Boston bands!  Please enjoy this interview I did with the boys on their tour bus.

Interview by Robert Niebrzydowski/edit by Ben Cossette


One Response to “Super Prime is Prime to hit it big!”

  1. Tru story about vybz kartel if he make a deal whit the devil

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