My Decade! The Decade of Decadence!!!

The 80’s?  How can you describe the most bodacious, hellacious, and most radical decade of all time???  Motley Crue had the right saying, it was the “DECADE OF DECADENCE”!

Face it—the 60’s brought us the hippies, the 70’s brought us disco, the 90’s–the 90’s??  I dont think I even turned on the radio in the 90’s.  And todays music is all taken and stolen from “The 80’s”!  Yes my friends before there was Lady GaGa there was Madonna  Before Christina Aguilera there was Tiffany And before Britney Spears there was Debbie GibsonThe 80’s started it all!!  I would wake up every morning rocking out to Billy Idol, getting ready for school dressing like Prince, and  then while in school checking out all the HOT Valley Girls!  Yes the 80’s were full of baggy pants and big hair, and I must say that I miss those days.

The music was simply amazing!  I would turn on my local rock radio station and listen to Bon Jovi, Quiet Riot, and who can forget about the best female rock band of all time in Vixen!  Then I would go down the dial to the pop station and listen to Boy George, yes I said it–Boy George!  Some Sheena Easton and who can ever forget about the biggest boy toy of them all in Madonna, who is still kicking ass and selling out arenas!  The 80’s had it all, and there will never be a decade like it.   So to all my 80’s children, what is your most favorite memory of the 80’s, the clothing, music, hair or those HOT Valley Girls?  So dont gag yourself with a spoon and comment away….


5 Responses to “My Decade! The Decade of Decadence!!!”

  1. And it was the only time where guys looked like girls

  2. Sincere Thanks fo da ‘stroll down memory lane’! BUT, ya forgot to mention my own personal Most Fave ‘1-name-Superstar’ of The BIG 80’s decade: Phil & his band of ‘merry men’: Genesis!!!
    Well, keep on keepin’ on with: freaky freezies & rockin’ da Bugle Boy Air Raid Squadron parachute pants! 😉 & Much Sincere Thanks to THECOOLTV digital tv-channel fo bringin’ back music television wit ALL vids ALL da time!! Peace

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  4. One word . PORN. !

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