Goldie’s “Timeless” Holds Its Own 16 Years Later



I was shopping the other day and I found this classic album from renowned DJ/Producer Goldie.  It broke my heart to see it there mixed in with the riff raff of the $.99 clearance section.  It was starring at me like puppy at the pound.  I couldn’t imagine that this album could be forgotten and discarded like it was.  Despite the fact that I have owned the album for 13 years and I really didn’t need another copy of it… I bought it anyway.  I just couldn’t leave such an important piece of genre defining electronic music sitting there unappreciated.  

Goldie burst on to the electronic music scene in 1996 with this album, which is believed by many people including Robert Dimery, author of the book “1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die”, to be one of the best electronic albums of all time.  When the album was released it received much critical acclaim in Goldie’s home of the UK as well as across the pond in the US.  The album combined the intense drum breaks of the emerging drum n’ bass and jungle scene with sultry female vocals, smooth strings and piano sounds associated with modern R&B music.  Timeless helped the emerging jungle scene gain credibility as legitimate form of music and not just something kids with glow sticks and candy necklaces listened to at raves in sketchy abandoned warehouses.Image

With the success of the Timeless album Goldie and his Metal Headz label mates, began to define the drum n’ bass sound that would be associated with the UK. Besides being a talented DJ and Producer, Goldie was also a well known and respected graffiti artist.


Goldie has had continued success since the release of Timeless.  How many DJs can you think of that have become a villain in a James Bond movie( Buliion-The World Is Not Enough), worked with Prince Harry and stared in a British version of dancing with the stars??  If you aren’t familiar with Goldie or the Metal Headz label he helped to create then you should do yourself a favor and check him out!!

Learning about Goldie will definitely give you and insight into the inspiration and origination of modern day forms of electronic music like dubstep and grime music!! 


13 Responses to “Goldie’s “Timeless” Holds Its Own 16 Years Later”

  1. kevin taylor Says:

    Goldie!!! Cannot believe you found that for 99 cents

  2. cool i love the cool tv

  3. OMG!!! i need this I love that band!! ❤ it.

  4. fatimah amusa Says:

    Goldies death Is such a painful death,may her soul rest in peace amen

  5. fatimah amusa Says:

    Rip Goldie

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