Be a part of the network–CONNECTION CREW–For now the CT and Boston areas

Hey THECOOLTV CT & Boston super fans!!!  The network has this cool thing called–“Connection Crew”.  Its where fans of the network go out and help spread the word on THECOOLTV.  Now if your in the greater Boston and CT areas email me @

Maby Ill choose you to join me at an even where Im promoting the network.  I might be at a concert, where you can hang out with some celebs, or at a rocking club to party the night away!  I dont want to do it alone!!!  Email me and tell me why you would be a great choice to join in 🙂


3 Responses to “Be a part of the network–CONNECTION CREW–For now the CT and Boston areas”

  1. Eric Bartels Says:

    Lenthy work history no breaks I think you even could catch me in the chain gang video by the pretenders. Slave to the grind …Sometimes I feel that way with the social system. why are you not playing music videos anymore , please give me a reply?

  2. Which city are you trying to watch in? THECOOLTV in Milwaukee, Green Bay, Lansing, Boise, Las Vegas, Palms Springs, Omaha and Tucson is currently off the air in your great cities due to our Affiliate Agreement expiration with the local broadcast group. We are looking into other opportunities to return to the airwaves in your cities as soon as possible.

    Contact your local TV providers and tell them you want THECOOLTV! Thanks for your concerns and support.

    Please continue to visit for Channel / Market Guide updates, streaming and soon to be on mobile devices.

    You can also watch via our web app. Just visit

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