THECOOLTV records festivals and music events all over the country. Tell us about your local music scene and the festivals we should come out and record for broadcast on THECOOLTV. Let us know what bands are hot in your area, which venues have the best music. What makes your city a hot music city? We want to know, tell us…


7 Responses to “Bring THECOOLTV to YOUR City”

  1. ummm you guys should do a furthur concert broadcast….why? becuase phil and bobby still kick ass.

  2. falconbridge Says:

    Rochester, NY has the International Jazz Festival in June

  3. River Dam Jam, Carnival O Chaos. Ect. ect.ect. West Michigan is HOPPING! Bringing it to YOU around here ;))~~

  4. We are home to the bands “The Frey” & “One Republic” plus we have Red Rocks, we are a music town. I am sure if you can’t get a crew here KMGH would help you tape it.

    Come to the Mile High City.

    I Would love to see more concert broadcasts on here.

  5. The Music Guys Says:

    We deal with some of the people from the Rochester, NY International Jazz Festival
    Detroit has a great Labor Day Jazz Fst.
    W. MI does rock.
    We deal with some great bands.
    Have some people here who were some of the original MTV execs.
    Would like to do some Midwest originated and local content shows with “The Cool TV”.

  6. Plz do ge to So. FLo. (da S. FLA)! At least please over da airwaves! We have nothing Wayyy Cool lyk THECOOLTV dig.-channel down dere. Sadly The Box channel went da same way as “The ‘Pally’ ” in Ray Davies’ “Come Dancin’ “; so we got nothin!…Peace

  7. We’re lucky enough to get CoolTV on a couple of channels here in central NC! Would love to see more local content (I can help!) Some of the best venues are: Raleigh: Pour House Music Hall, Lincoln Theatre, Southland Ballroom. Greensboro: The Blind Tiger. Winston Salem – Ziggy’s. Some regional touring bands on the rise include: BIG Something ( & The Mantras (

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