Mister World Discovers THECOOLTV

THECOOLTV fans and followers,

Please allow me to introduce myself. The name is World or Mister World to my people on the street.  I’m an Interplanetary Vibologists and a visitor from a distant place that shines high in your night sky.  I was chosen by my alien brothers to carry out a mission of grave importance here on Earth.   The Mission, although complex in nature, has become increasingly simple.   In order to restore peace on my planet I had to travel to this blue marble, take on the human form, and gather up as much of the Cool, the Hip, and the Strange.   I must capture the essence of the Scene and what y’all call the Vibe, then I will load it all up in my space machine and return home to combat a tyrannical king.   This self-appointed king, whose name we mustn’t speak, has one goal; total commercialization of music and the oppression of the real voice of our people.   We believe it will eventually destroy our spirit and be the end of Cool, as we know it.

Now, I’ve been here on the ground for a couple of years living on the low, low.   I keep to the shadows with my eyes wide and ears open.   The World’s got a small posse to watch his back and they’re all on board with the Mission.  We are always on the lookout for the sweet sounds and the funktastic.   We’re in the small venues, the barely-breathing record stores, and antiquated dive-bars that dot up the Main Streets from town to town.  We’re also at the festivals, the release parties, and the cathedral-like amphitheaters that emit such divine sound.  We do it all to keep the Vibe alive.   It’s a living, breathing animal that must be fed.

It was at one of these great festivals that I was fortunate enough to meet one of the co-founders of THECOOTV, and it’s mother ship, the Cool Music Network (CMN).  I quickly discovered a spiritual parallel in our philosophies and was consequently educated on the future of multi-platform, streamlined entertainment. Mr. World was blown away with these concepts.  One entity with the goal of providing FREE music television, live concerts beamed straight to my laptop, and CD ON-DEMAND (a seemingly instantaneous CD, DVD or jump drive, of the live performance I just witnessed, before I even leave a show or festival).  The people at CMN and THECOLTV have an unrelenting need to get the people the music they want, whenever they want it, and on whatever device they want it.   It all seemed too good to be true for a cat that thought he had seen it all.  Where was the reality T.V.?  Where was the over the top advertising and C-list celebrity shows?  I did my homework and, hear me on this people, it’s REAL and it’s here.  FREE MUSIC TV… 24/7!

When I landed on this rock I thought my home planet was doomed.   I feared the worst and I was certain the culture here was slowly wilting away on the weight of itself.   So I did what I think most people do when they are in a spot, I looked back.  I went to the teachers of my youth and the sights and the sounds of the past. I was told to stick to the Mission and the Universe would conspire to help me. When I took to this path the right folks started coming out the woodwork, like my people at THECOOLTV and Cool Music Network. Music fiends, funk fanatics, and jam-band freaks can rejoice, the future is here and it’s Cool, man.  Can you dig it?

Mister World

Look for more from Mr. World on THECOOLTV. For more on the Mission and the World’s research please visit http://www.whaletongue.blogspot.com.



One Response to “Mister World Discovers THECOOLTV”

  1. Wow, I am sooooooo happy with thecooltv. Finally somebody listened. Variety, videos, and very happy viewers. I’ve already promoted you on facebook. Can’t put into words how happy I am this station came about. Thank you, thank you, and again, thank you!!!!!

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