Take Listening to the Next Level

Next time you’re reclining in your lazy-boy with your iPod bumping become aware of the music moving through every cell in your body. The bass, mids and highs retune your soul, emotions move and you can chill.

According to Dr. Mike Miller “music may be one of the best de-stressors” so wrap yourself up in a blanket of Robbie Shankar, bang it out to Skillet, get lost with Bessie Smith, whatever it is feel it on the deepest level.


One Response to “Take Listening to the Next Level”

  1. I have been zone-ing out to my favorite music for most of my life. I love to pick out an instrument and focus on it throughout the song and really “feel” every nuance of it. I have discovered so many amazing things that would have otherwise just been a bit of background passage.

    I wholheartedly agree with doing this little excersize, I have discovered the “thing” that grabbed me about a song in the first place, that something that I was not really aware of untill I singled it out.

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