Oh, Moby

This NPR feature beautifully describes the creative process Moby goes through in collaborating on pieces. Just a few lines in, and it was like being at the Barrymore in Madison, WI all over again, seeing Moby for the first time.

It was a smaller venue, and you just couldn’t believe a single human being was capable of producing music equally nuanced and gale-force. Awesome footnote: Moby was gracious enough to record the voicemail message for a friend (“Thank you for calling Dee’s phone, this is Moby but I’m sure she’ll get back to you”) which made a perfect night even better. Wish I knew where that phone was now.

An excerpt from the article, enjoy the full read if you can:

It takes weeks, even years, to write a song. NPR Music’s Project Song challenges musicians to do it in just two days. And every Project Song participant has worked right up to the last minute — that is, until Moby.

He and collaborator Kelli Scarr finished their song in a little more than a single day. In fact, they had so much time left over, they recorded a second version of the song. And after that, they gave a small concert for the staff at NPR.

– Marivic


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