Viewer mail

We had a question come in that has us stumped. If you know the video this person is asking about, please please please let us know!

I’m writing to request a video for which I don’t have a title.  But maybe you can help:

its a video with a guy and a girl in an enclosed room with blank walls.  They are wearing lycra short shorts with red baseball caps.  The music starts and they start running wild in this little room… climbing up walls and even hanging from the cieling, all the while tagging the room with black jumbo markers.

Does this ring a bell?  The title and artist of this video would be much appreciated, but I’ll keep watching the cool tv just in case.”

Anyone? Bueller?


2 Responses to “Viewer mail”

  1. The artist is Fatboy Slim and the video is “Slash Dot Slash”. We are never stumped, we just wanted to see who was reading and watching. Cheers and thanks for the support!

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