This is an excerpt from the 10.30.09 edition of Cynopsis Media, naming Cool Music Network the Website of the Day!


Where was this service when Jerry and The Dead still toured? Cool Music Network is an online music and video platform that helps artists monetize live concerts by recording them and making them available as CDs, DVDs, memory sticks or iPod-compatible MP3 tracks, moments after the event is over. Cool Music creates a 40-channel master and MPEG2 video of the live show on site then burns, packages and ships discs out within hours after the show. The crew will be on hand in Lawrence, KS this weekend to record the Halloween shows of The Yonder Mountain String Band – a CD of the show is available for pre-order for $15 and USB video wrist band of the show goes for $20. Cool Music also operates TheCoolTV, a broadcast network that televises and promotes its live shows. Its currently available as a digital subchannel over-the-air in Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Dallas and San Francisco.

Later — Wayne
Wayne Karrfalt for Cynopsis:

While THECOOLTV is not currently broadcasting in Dallas, we love that people are getting to know us. We’re also having fun getting to know our fans on Facebook, and look forward to meeting some folks in Lawrence this week-end.

Wayne, if you’re reading – thanks for the shout-out! (Can you even imagine the service around when Jerry and The Dead toured?? Talk about Epic!)

Cheers all – have a great Halloween week-end, and don’t be shy about sharing your pics and video, the wackier the better!


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