Google’s down, let’s post!

I kid, this was scheduled to post today anyway. THECOOLTV has actually been broadcasting in San Francisco for a few weeks, but now boasts recent signal upgrades by KAXT. Hopefully San Francisco loves the programming as much as our other fans do nationwide!

THECOOLTV™ Announces New Video Music Channel for San Francisco

THECOOLTV Programming Gives Music Fans Free 24/7 Music Videos and Hipsters validation for canceling their cable

09.01.2009 – SAN FRANCISCO CA: Local broadcast TV finally made the move to digital, and forged ahead with additional digital multicast programming. San Francisco Independent, KAXT, is now broadcasting THECOOLTV(tm) – a hot, fresh national music channel that also works closely with area music venues to showcase local talent. The network broadcasts on channel 22.1 on digital-ready TVs using an antenna (and those with converter boxes) with the signal reaching the San Francisco bay area including, San Francisco, Oakland, Hayward, San Mateo, Fremont, Santa Clara and San Jose.

San Francisco joins the line-up of markets live with the network, including Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Dallas and Houston.

KAXT General Manager Warren Trumbly is a big fan of the network, and says: “Digital transmission is a lot different than analog. We took on the project though because we wanted to offer quality programming we knew our viewers would enjoy. THECOOLTV plays everything from Beatles to Beyonce, without the interruption of hosts or silly “Spring Break” type shows. Old and new video, live concerts, local acts, all on free over-the-air TV. San Francisco is a market where a lot of people get their shows online and have ditched cable altogether, and we are absolutely loving giving people their music video fix.”

THECOOLTV’s CEO, Joe Comparato, adds, “We know today’s music fans want their music where and when they what it, and that’s where you’ll find us: on location, on the web, on your handheld, and on TV. We’ve embraced what fans and Artists want and worked hard to offer viewers hands-down the best music video experience on TV.”

THECOOLTV is the newest offering from Cool Music Network LLC, (CMN), a Kansas-based multi-platform entertainment company. CMN remains an undisputed leader in live event recording with on-site mastering for immediate sales of concert CDs, DVDs, and memory sticks. Meanwhile, CMN has since created a fast-growing website for sales of its products and now rounds out its distribution with THECOOLTV.

In launching THECOOLTV, CMN secured videos and concert footage from major records labels including Universal Music Group, EMI Capitol, Warner Music Group, and Sony BMG.
Additionally, CMN brought on thousands of specialty content providers including independent labels, artists and promoters. The digital format allows each current local station to actually broadcast a network of multicast channels.

About Cool Music Network, LLC and THECOOLTV
CMN is an entertainment media company that produces, acquires and distributes entertainment content across multiple platforms, from TV and the web to live concert venues and mobile devices. CMN is a proud supporter of the Open Mobile Video Coalition, broadcasting live video content to handheld devices. THECOOLTV offers broadcasters a 24/7 customized multicast television and Internet channel that will reflect the musical tastes of each local market. For information, please visit the CMN corporate website,

About Lotus Communications Corporation
Lotus Communications Corp. is a media company that owns numerous radio stations and a few TV stations, and is one of the largest privately owned radio station groups in the United States. Headquarters are located in Los Angeles.


6 Responses to “Google’s down, let’s post!”

  1. Been enjoying your channel since june here in Big D.
    Thanks a LOT! Really like it.
    However, just tuned in … and …
    Google’s not the only thing down.

    31.1 and 31.4 are go

    31.2 is blank screen, but there’s a signal

    31.3 (you) … no signal.

    31.2 had some religous hispanic programming on,
    so I assume there’s some technical problems with 31.2 and 31.3 at the local station/transmitter.

    Just a heads up.

  2. Ummmm …..

    It’s midnight when I posted this … not 5am.

  3. sad in houston Says:

    what happened to the channel in houston 10.3)?
    it seems to have disappeared.
    2 full days of nothing….going on 3.

    i miss my videos! )-:

  4. I’ve just returned from out of town to find you’re still off the air not only in Dallas, but now in Houston …

    Quote: San Francisco joins the line-up of markets live with the network, including Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Dallas and Houston.

    The same day this was posted, Dallas goes off the air ??

    If you’re trying to grow/expand, why pull out of old areas as you enter new ones?

    Was there not enough response to the 4am infomercials?

    You were on a low-power station here … I’m just about 5 miles away and had to almost constantly adjust my antenna to a precise position to get a signal.

    I don’t think you’ll get the coverage you’re looking for on low-power stations.

    I didn’t think you would last very long …

    The Tube was here on a high power station 33.2 and for some reason they couldn’t last either … but they were around for about a year and a half.

    I can’t understand why a simple all music video channel can’t seem to make it on a subchannel … how hard is it … I mean there’s really so little to choose from on broadcast dtv here … come on.

    At least an explaination ??

  5. sad in houston Says:

    no answer?
    is it gone for good in houston?
    all the other 10. channels work.

    actually 10.6 is gone, which is okay by me. it was a religious channel.
    and 10.2 has just been colored lines from the start

  6. sad in houston Says:

    oh never mind.
    i just saw the other post about it being “temporarily down” in houston & dallas.

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